Cycling with Bob Willems


Deep Experience

I have taught group cycling classes in Chicago's finest gyms since 2006. I've taught in smaller rooms with less than a dozen people all the way to full rooms of over 50. I'm motivated both by the personal connection in the smaller setting and the energy of a big group.


Competitive cycling has a high threshold for entry. Indoor cycling classes taught with the competitive athletes in mind can have a similar intimidating barrier for new participants. I work hard to welcome everyone from first timers to elite athletes. Indoor group cycling is the ONLY environment where both can train together.

Competitive Background

I have over 10 years of racing experience in several disciplines of cycling. I'm heavily involved in the regional development of the sport, having ran XXX Racing-AthletiCo, the region's largest amateur cycling team for several years. I'm still involved in the management of the team and *try* to get out and race a few times each season.

Fitness is the Goal

My goal is to encourage participants in my class to work toward their optimal fitness using some of the same methods as competitive cyclists. While much of the fitness industry would forever have people focused on their weight and the scale, I encourage people to take the long view of a lifetime of health and fitness training.